For a plethora of reasons, a person may prefer to create homemade toys for sex rather than purchase them. One of the biggest reasons that people choose to create homemade devices is the awkward feelings of shame or guilt that can be experienced during a trip to any sex toy shop. While sex toys are a common item, both store-bought and self-created, there is a certain social stigma attached to these devices. By building a functional sex toy at home, a person can easily avoid these negative feelings and take pride in their creation. A wide range of homemade toys can be created, from the easy use of food items to the construction of intricate devices complete with vibration, lubrication, and heating elements. Curiosity and imagination can be useful attributes, but safety should be considered at all times.

Homemade toys can be made from a wide assortment of materials that can easily be found at home or be purchased from local stores without receiving awkward looks. Perhaps the simplest product that can be used as a homemade sex aid is a melon. Although a melon’s primary use is as a delicious treat on a warm summer’s day, they can also have a sexual purpose as well. With a hole cut into one end of the melon, a cantaloupe or similar fruit can give a close approximation of the female sex anatomy. Other items that can be of use while constructing homemade toys can easily be found around the house. PVC pipes can be used with a soft interior lining and hand soap for lubrication can easily be combined for a homemade fleshlight. Women can also find that fruits and vegetables can easily be a substitute for the male penis. However, some precautions will need to be taken to prevent infection and other issues when a person makes their own homemade toys.

The first disadvantage when speaking about a homemade sex toy is obviously safety. Professional devices are created for the explicit purpose of being used as a sex toy, thus they have health precautions in mind to avoid any possible injury or infection. A person that uses materials for a self-made toy without properly sanitizing them or smoothing any rough edges could easily find themselves on the wrong side of a nasty infection or injury. Specifically, any self-made toy that uses electricity should be used with extreme caution and it is advised that a person not attempt to create these types of devices unless they are completely sure of what they are doing. On the other hand, creation of successful homemade toys can also have several benefits. The first is the cost savings. Store models can be quite expensive and a clever person that creates a similar device will realize a substantial discount in the cost of the device. Also, there can be a personal attachment with a device that has been made with only one person’s pleasure in mind. Another positive aspect of homemade toys is that they minimize the feeling of awkwardness that accompanies many people during a visit to a local sex toy store.